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We are a full functioning business located in the greater Southern WI region shipping our Jr's Jig Tails within the United States. Our jig tails are hand poured here in the USA. Plastics are a great alternative for many reasons, one being the recent changes in minnow laws which prohibit you from transporting, transplanting, and releasing live bait following your day of fishing or Sometimes, it's just too damn cold to put your hands in a minnow bucket as well. $10.00 in our plastics will last you much longer than $10.00 in live bait. Most online fishing sites offer 16 colors with limited sizes. Jr’s Jig Tails offers 55 assorted colors, 5 different sizes plus 3 styles which includes Tri-Angler Tails, Jr. Spiders, Jr's Little Larva and Jr. Jiggler.

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"The Proof's in the Bucket"

All 55 as of 2014 from Jr's Jig Tails on Vimeo.